Kurt Tippett retires


It’s being reported that Kurt Tippett has retired effectively immediately



Heard a rumour he toured Punt Road during trade week.

Dodged another bullet


Yes he did tour and we do due diligence these days thankfully


Wow. Everything is coming up Tigers.

Tippett at his best was a very good player. Nearly won a prelim v the hawks.


He was a good player but Sydney didn’t get that much for that half of the Bondi Billianaires


I thought he retired 5 years ago, oh that was just mentally.


Where does his retirement leave the Swans salary cap? Wasn’t he on a long term contract worth lots per year?


Yes that will be interesting what they do with it


we lost the chance to use Griffiths spot on the list and salary but Tippet’s departure could be a much bigger miss for the Swans I believe he was on $900,000 odd but who knows if they front or back loaded the contract they could have gone hard for another marquee player

we saw how Prestia was very important in our finals campaign