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Hiya Ned, Is it possible to have a ‘mark as read’ feature? Whereby we can select all posts by date range.(I’m using an iPhone 7) After trawling through about 3000 (supposed) unread posts I’ve managed to get the count down from ~1350 to 1100.!! I am also seeing some of my own posts as unread …

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Sorry @Lazza - just noticed this as a response to the default category message. I’ve moved it to its own topic to highlight your question.

The ability to mark all posts as read is not available with this software. The creators believe that this is unnecessary.

Instead, their advice is:

Set your new interval in your user prefs. The default is for new to be topics you have not entered that are 2 days old or less. So eventually these topics won’t be new any more without you doing anything. If nobody posts any new topics in the forum for 4 days, for example, your new list would be empty in a few days. In your user prefs, you can set the definition of new to nothing, only things since your last visit, 1 day old, 7 days old, etcetera


Ned, I know advertising forms part of the revenue base, however this sort of ad looks downright malicious


I can block offensive adverts through Google Adsense @honestjohn, but have no real control over what adverts appear as they are based on your browsing history.


Fella at work put up something for his class to watch on the interactive whiteboard, and an ad came up based on his browsing history as a large vertical banner on the left hand side of the screen… Legend from the back of the room wonders out loud if said teacher had indeed found a horny single in his area. Ouch!


The topics are not new any more but seem to be listed as unread. If I click on the thread, it typically takes me to a message from me. I then scroll to the end (sometimes a long way) and the counter drops by one message only. I still have hundreds of these to do if I am to get the counter to nil. Things like this annoy us Virgos!


This may help: Information on user settings and handling unread posts