Membership Tally 2018


Not only all of you but me in the country as well.


I just received an email saying we have hit 70,000 members before Christmas! That is amazing! :tiger:


Richmond membership record 2018: Premiership Tigers set to eclipse 90,000 members next season CHRIS CAVANAGH, Herald Sun 23 December 2017

RICHMOND is on track to smash the AFL club membership record with an unprecedented 70,000 supporters having already signed on for 2018.

With 88 days still remaining before Round 1, the Tigers yesterday (on Saturday) became the first club to ever reach 70,000 members before Christmas.

Indeed, the Tiger Army has spoken with its collective wallet. Picture: Tim Carrafa

The tally — which comes on the back of a 37-year premiership drought being broken in September — marks a rise of more than 30 per cent on the 52,401 members the club had this time last year.

Richmond chief executive Brendon Gale said the demand for memberships was showing no signs of slowing down as the club looks to become the first to pass 80,000 members.

Collingwood currently holds the membership record, the Magpies having boasted 79,347 members in 2014.

“The loyalty of the Tiger army is unrivalled across the AFL,” Gale said.

“To reach 70,000 members before Christmas is unprecedented and a reflection of the passion and size of our supporter base.

Rise of the Tiger Army

Year Membership numbers

2010 35,960

2011 40,184

2012 53,027

2013 60,321

2014 66,122

2015 70,809

2016 72,278

2017 72,669

“Our membership department will be working tirelessly over the next couple of months to ensure that number continues to grow.

“With such strong numbers, there is no reason why we shouldn’t be aiming to be the first club to reach 90,000 members.”

The Tigers finished this year with 72,669 members, placing them third in the overall standings behind Collingwood (75,879) and Hawthorn (75,663).

However, they recorded the biggest home-and-away attendance of any club and had an average home crowd of 55,958 from 11 games.

Richmond’s three MCG finals were played in front of average crowds of 96,436 with 100,021 attending the 48-point Grand Final win over Adelaide.

“Our players have often commented on the atmosphere at the MCG throughout the finals series, and the whole season for that matter,” Gale said.

“It was remarkable and the support of our members is never taken for granted.”


Small gripe but we were promised that we would get ours before Xmas…ours arrived on the 28th. *dont go giving me shit about living in a third world country…Tiger man across the road got his the week before Xmas. The Rioli’s Rookies pack is awesome though and worth the wait.


Mine came just before Christmas


Membership is at 70,776. Dept back at work now … so should start to grow again.


I made a deal with my wife that my daughter could choose her own footy team (she’s two). My son got his tiger membership about two weeks after he was born. She now walks around the house saying “I love yellow. I love black. I love yellow and black!” I think it’s time…


Interesting that the Pies and Hawks aren’t reporting their membership count … are we that far ahead??


Early indoctrination Vinsey, always the way to go! . We are a Premierships worth of members ahead of them Lazza! :slight_smile:


I’m baaaack. Do baby tiger memberships count towards the total? As of 11th Jan we have 3 members in the barrel household :grinning:


Congrats on the new edition Barrel! :slight_smile:


Barrel Daldock




Congratulations @Barrel


Congratulations Barrel!


Name? Cooper?


The record tumbles, and it’s only February! 75,803 members as of today. Go Tiges!


Has any team hit 80,000 before?


Collingwood had 79,347 in 2014 and then fell back to around 75,000. Adelaide has 81,000 so called “members” in 2017 according to but that number is hugely inflated by the BS “We Fly As One” memberships - which are free. AFL audited them down to 56,865 in 2017


23/2/18 - 77,076 members as of today, so they are signing up 600 members a day. Well and truly on track for 90K. Did you hear Brendan Gale discuss memberships on the SEN podcast? - Absolute gold, saying the members prefer the engagement and experience of being a Richmond fan. I can’t wait to boo Carlton as they run out onto the ground with another 60,000 Tiger supporters.