Membership Tally 2018


79,333 members as of yesterday. The all time record is held by Collingwood (2014) and we’re only 14 behind that. It’s 3 weeks until the start of the season.


80000 as of today. huge effort


woohooo :tiger2::tiger:


If you win it, they will come…


Up to 82,030 members. :open_mouth:


83,341 as at 20/3/18


Just a small club methinks :blush:


Noticed that my reserved seat for the Dome home game has been removed form my membership package. No advice given beforehand that it would be gone…


That happened last year. You need to nominate that you are going, then your seats are given to you in the reserved section. An email was sent last year. I did muck it up but a call to the club fixed it.


We have well and truly cracked 85,000 and roaring toward 90,000. Today’s total … a streak of 86,485 grinning Tiger members …


87,570 Members as of today … at this rate we will reach 90,000 by end of April. … amazing …


Yeah should get 90k comfortably from here.

We’ve got almost 40 000 more members than carlton. It wasn’t that long enough they mad more than us :sunglasses:


87,910 today. The mind boggles. I don’t think any other club would have got that kind of a bounce in membership numbers after winning a premiership except possibly Collingwood. The challenge now is to keep them renewing each year.


We have clocked up 89,000 today … maybe we should be hunting 100,000 !!!


Only 378 members to sign up to crack 90,000 …


I’m going to call it - 90,000 by COB 12/4/18


Time for a waiting list and heavier restriction on who can join.


I didn’t see you put a LIKE on my post @thebigricho seeing I called it CORRECTLY


No more the merrier. All inclusive not elite


It’s official…Wowee!!!