Membership Tally 2018


And a world record broken every time they sell a membership until cut off :sunglasses:




Unbelievable figure the 100,000 is in reach


What an absolute disgrace that there is no member’s cocktail party this year.

The members support the club in record numbers and the club respond by removing the best social event for the rank and file member.



The MCG was not available.


Happy to host at my shack in the central highlands of Tassie…let me know.


I’ve heard the excuse used that there are too many members now etc and it is a complete cop out by the club.

Have two nights, or cut it back to gold members or whatever.

The people create a river of cash and the club responds by cutting the only event purely for members benefit.

The board must be challenged.


95,000 (and 25)



Wow just Wow. Wouldn’t have thought any club would get to this. Probably makes us Australia’s biggest sporting club.


We ARE the largest sporting club in Australia :slight_smile:


Hate to rain on the parade, but not quite - quoting Wkipedia - The Melbourne Cricket Club is the largest sporting club in Australia. As of August 2015 there were 104,000 members of the club, of which 62,700 were “full members” and 41,300 were “restricted members”,

  • Provisional members probably number about 5,000 now


99,709 today. Announcement just before the pies game surely :astonished: