Opposition Players who barracked for the Tigers


Just heard on SEN via Jeremy Howe, that Scott Pendlebury was a Tiger!

Shane Crawford, Wayne Harmes, Scott Pendlebury, Robert Murphy, Nathan Fyfe, Nathan Burke, Max Gawn, Luke Hodge, Marcus Bontempelli, Tim Watson


Nanthan Burke of Saint Kilda


Tex Walker. It’s a guess…but he ■■■■■■■ gifts us games these days so I’m pretty confident


Marcus Bontempelli.



Luke Hodge, Tim Watson.


Mrs Menegola.


There is absolutely no evidence that any of the current roster of umpires barracked for Richmond.


Maxi Gawn…


Pretty sure that David Rhys-Jones was a tiger fan and that he lived a few streets outside the Tiges old suburban zone.