Putting the Ruthless back into Richmond


OK so false dawn after false dawn we have finally arrived at a point where we can stand up and play with the big boys. There should not be any more doubt in the player’s minds that if they stick to the game plan they have the talent to go a long way.

Part of this is being ruthless when playing teams down the ladder. You need to build % to get into good positions on the upper rungs of the ladder.

In the next three weeks we play GWS, @#$%ton then Saints.

GWS has proven to be capable so far but injuries to key players like Mumford have opened them up.

After the dismal start to the season @#$%ton have been renewed under the interim coach. Can they keep this level up?

And the Saints still have those experienced players that can (albeit only now and then these days) produce winning performances.

If we don’t come switched on to play each game well then any of those teams can win. On top of that we will be favourite in each game and our track record when being favourite is complete opposite to our interstate winning record.

However now is the time to bring back that ruthless streak Richmond sides once had. The players are in form, and the team has the form to win all three games and to win all three by good size margins.

As I said we have seen some false dawns but I can see the players starting to actually believe in themselves individually and as a team.

Probably just as important I am starting to believe we can actually do it.

You know it makes sense.


I think we are in a much better place to win these ‘winable’ games now. Even the West Coast game we were awful but were in it deep into the last quarter. I’m putting that purely down to coming off the bye. Usually I’d be extremely worried that we’d drop one or more of these next three but not this time. Even if we play badly on the day we will most likely still be good enough to win.


I think part of the reason is that they now have the confidence to pick and choose game styles within a match. Not long ago they couldn’t consistently manage one style let alone a variance


Make no mistake hammers, if we play badly and any one of these three teams have a good day, we will lose.


And @Vines is the site optimist, too!


Not sure Reece Conca would agree with you…


He’s right though Big Tige


The systems and methodologies are in place.


Love quoting myself…

No false dawn here


Still got to win in September G Train, that’s when the sun will truly start to rise.


Not long to go now, until we see what they can really do once finals gets underway. I can see another 2 or 3 wins in the minor round - which should be enough to see them participate in finals action.