Reece Conca signs up


**Richmond re-sign Reece Conca but will play hard ball with Dustin Martin ** Jon Ralph •From: News Limited Network •September 20, 2013

RICHMOND has re-signed promising midfielder Reece Conca on a three-year deal as it plays hard ball with mercurial talent Dustin Martin.

The Tigers still believe they can keep Martin but for now have taken their offer for the 22-year-old off the table while he negotiates with other clubs.

Martin and his manager, Ralph Carr, yesterday flew to Sydney and met with a delegation of Greater Western Sydney officials after flying to Sydney.

But the signing of Conca is a major boost to Richmond, given his contract negotiations had threatened to turn nasty.

The 21-year-old former No.6 draft pick was being linked to Fremantle, but has been rated by former Richmond assistant coach David King as the Tigers’ second-most important midfielder behind captain Trent Cotchin.

The three-year deal ties Conca to Punt Rd until the end the of 2016.

“It was never in doubt that I would re-sign with Richmond,’’ Conca said.

“It was just a matter of sorting through the details. I am very grateful for the opportunity the club has given me and I am excited about what the future holds.’’

Coach Damien Hardwick said the club was excited to have secured Conca.

“Reece took his game to *another level in 2013, and, at just 21 years of age, we believe he still has plenty of improvement in him.”

In Sydney, Martin and Carr were met by GWS senior coach Leon Cameron, list manager Stephen Silvagni and chief executive David Matthews, touring Skoda Stadium and the club’s Sydney Olympic Park training facilities.

Martin’s father lives in Camden in southwest Sydney and, while GWS is keen, it has not offered Martin a deal.

The Giants let Richmond know they were talking to Martin yesterday, and must decide whether to make an official offer for him.

The Tigers had tired of four months of frustrating negotiations talks with Carr, who is desperate keen to extract $600,000 a season for his starclient.

It is understood the Tigers do not have an offer on the table for Martin at present given the contract impasse.

The Tigers still want to sign Martin but a two-year deal of about $1 million has been withdrawn, with negotiations to start anew if he chooses Richmond as his preferred home.

They still want to sign Martin, but grew frustrated by Carr’s negotiating tactics and the fact they believed they were on the verge of an agreement before the latest developments.

While Brisbane has expressed early interest, it is still unlikely to push hard for Martin given his off-field troubles and salary requirements.

The Lions are not officially out of the race but given they do not have a coach and are still recovering from the Brendan Fevola trade, they are long odds for a concerted bid for Martin.

It remains to be seen if Martin would relocate to Sydney if he was paid less than $600,000. It means it is effectively the Giants or bust for Martin has denied walking out on Richmond but says he is actively pursuing other offers.

The GWS interest is concerning for Richmond given it has the first pick in the *preseason draft and could get him for nothing if he walks.


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That’s one in the eye for you-know-who.


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Respect Reece.

Others could learn from your loyalty…

Tonka! Ms Tantie. xox


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fantastic news! Conca cuddles all around :slight_smile:


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Absolutely fantastic news, well done Reece, he always looks happy that kid, I think only through poor management would we have lost him, and it seemed closer than it should have been, but it’s done!!!

I’m starting to feel the same about Martin… He needs us more than we need him!

If he was to go, as long as we traded well (which I know already GWS don’t have to) we could really benefit as I also agree the effect on the group who have committed would be interesting, I would think he’s arrogance and individualism wouldn’t be embraced as it has and he would be outcast to some degree, so he will grow up or fall over, seems there the options at GWS also with SOS taking exception at Dustys extra requirements (off field help)…

Shame to lose such a talent if that happens, but I for one only want people who want to be with us, yes it’s a business now, but sport has always been a great leveller, no point having I’m if its just for the bucks, he has to want to be with us…

WAG said it was today that the contract is off the table? I thought it was Sunday, HS says they have totally removed it… Anyone have any idea when this could be sorted?

Can it be confirmed that Adams was at Punt road a few days ago?? That would be very good, not as skilled as Martin but boy the kid is tough and wins he’s own ball…


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Well done Conk, you crazy looking kid!


Re: Martin alleged to have rejected Tigers’ offer

Great news - Conca has resigned for 3 years (p95 of the Hun). I cannot create a new thread, can someone do this for me.


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[MENTION=1]Ned[/MENTION] Perhaps we could add this to Brandon’s words (above) ?

*“It was never in doubt that I would re-sign with Richmond,’’ Conca said.

“It was just a matter of sorting through the details. I am very grateful for the opportunity the club has given me and I am excited about what the future holds.’’ *

Absolutely stoked. Dusaty can go jump in the lake now as far as I’m concerned.


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Great news! Reece is fast becoming a “heart & soul” Tiger. Loves the club and loves the players. Always there for a cuddle.


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Agree really happy but the cynical bastard in me asks have we been played?

If you told the average tiger supporter 3 weeks ago that Dusty would be leaving the club they would be furious.

All of a sudden we are told that we might loose Conca as well and our fury turns to fear.

Then Conca signs and fear turns to elation even though we have still probably lost Dusty and our emotion should be fury.

How did we go from Fury to fear to elation when in Reece’s words “it was never in any doubt”


Conca signs new 3-year deal

I thought loyalty deserves a thread of its own.

Well done, Reece!

Conca commits** Exclusive to 6:37am AEST Friday, September 20, 2013 **

Rising star midfielder Reece Conca has signed a new three-year deal with Richmond, which will see him remain a Tiger at least until the end of 2016.

Conca took another impressive step in his league football development during the 2013 season, playing 17 games and kicking 12 goals.

Since being taken by the Tigers at selection No. 6 overall in the 2010 National Draft, Conca has played 52 games and averaged 18 disposals per match.

read more . . .


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You gotta wonder what was such a major stumbling block that could cause this negotiation process to take 4 months, and how was it resolved this week? Did we pay overs? Did Conca/Richmond see what happened to Dusty and work hard avoid a similar fate? Were they squabbling over money, or contract length? Was it all a ruse as [MENTION=6784]simmo27[/MENTION] suggests?

Don’t think we’ll ever find out. The party line now is “It was never in doubt I would re-sign with Richmond”


What ever the deal is we have Conca for another 3 years, signed sealed and delivered, conspiracy theory’s aside this is a good outcome and a very just one. We can now look forward towards the trade period and target our needs. Well done Reece and well done Tigers


To the conspiracy theorists I would suggest that some of the delay with Conca could have been the time taken up negotiating with Martin and the Rain Man.

PS: thanks to the kind mod who zippered this thread together.


Rain Man LOL :smiley:


Well, he’s good with figures, right?

Rrofy, I have to ask you about your avatar - am I right in thinking that cop is trying to open the wrong door?


Relation of Ralph Carr


Kind of like this Gimme:



I wasn’t trying suggest that the Conca deal was deliberately held up, just that as it was held up, it was convenient to suggest he may walk.


Conca talks about his new contract