Reece Conca signs up


I agree with David King that he will soon be our second most important midfielder behind Cotchin. Cuddles all round


An extra year helped ,and the tiges offer was better than west coast,one down ,one more to go this week.


That one more you refer to would have to be Matt White? :wink:

He does deserve for his contract not to be left to last thing considering the year he had.


PS. Reece Conca will be our next Brownlow medal winner


Re: The 2013 List Management Thread

Better late than never - Ned :smiley:


Re: The 2013 List Management Thread

Hopefully we can add similar words spoken by Mr D. Martin to the list very soon


Dusty saying it was never in doubt?


Even in the Disneyland atmosphere, his lack of polish by foot was glaring.

His enthusiasm is first class but he kicks like a cold pee wee 50.


His lack of polish in the marking department stood out too, dropped a crucial one late against Brisbane.