Sack Hardwick 2018


You are only as good as your last game.

For context no reigning AFL Premier has ever lost an AFLX game before.



Does it matter that Leppa was coaching??

Actually, don’t answer that. I know what you’re gonna say. Carry on. Sack Hardwick!!! Loser!


Buck stops at the top.


Must be a slow day for you blokes. You are so funny.


Technically Sydney are an AFL premier and they lost a game as did the Western Bulldogs, another AFL premier, and they lost their game before we lost a game.


You seem to have misread my post.


It’s too soon. Maybe it will be funny…one day.




Nothing funny about a sacking … but we do need to plan ahead … so maybe we should plan for sacking Hardwick in 2024 after a 3 yr flag drought, the Exec will then unite behind him and we will have another flag in 2025…


I think TBR’s persistence with this theme is uproariously funny. More Dilbert than Marx Brothers perhaps. But we all know that HongKongers have a different sense of humour than the rest of us. Indeed, I seem to recall a certain HongKonger relentlessly praising a 2016 game style in a manner that was 100% Benny Hill. He could not possibly have been serious, if you know how HongKong humour works. But that’s the thing with cross-cultural irony.


That’s silly talk …


Even funnier since HKT has been in New York for the last few years.


Even funnier that he’s been in Melbourne for over 12 months :slight_smile:


I would have thought it was impossible to be serious posting on a thread with this title


What’s he ever done for us?


One premiership and people think he’s a God!!!





Safe for this week.




We are not even in the eight. Time for change?