Season 2018 - The Defence


Been plenty said about the Bulldogs’ inability to synchronise their hard working group led by Bontempelli with their party boy group led by Libba, and the subsequent impact on their ladder position.

What I see from our party boy group (and this is obviously an extremely external presumptuous viewpoint) is hard work. Dusty craves professional improvement, B Ellis is our best runner, and Broad is a mature recruit who seems to be fighting for his spot every game. He should have an added incentive to bust a gut over summer too :bikini:

Then we have the other guys like Cotch, Lambo etc who drive standards their own way.

I really like our chances of keeping our top 4 spot in 2018. Even our first social media vid on the website seems more professional.


The only similarity between the Bulldogs and us is that we both won the premiership against popular low opinion of our respective chances.

The Bulldogs lost a final the previous year but the four years before that they were low down the ladder finishing 10, 15, 15, and 14. They had a good run 2008/9/10 with a pretty decent and experienced side. They then went through a generational change with Johnson, Hahn and Eagleton retiring 2010 and then lost Lake, Griffin, Ward, Hall, Cross in the next few years.

Thinking that they over achieved but also took their chances as they opened up. Held on for a one goal pre lim win over GWS and then only got on top of Sydney in the Grand Final in the last half of the last quarter.

Richmond on the other hand has won an average of 13 wins in the last 5 years home and away. Has played in finals 4 out of those 5 years. On top of this we are premiers but with an average list age and average games played lower than most rival teams.

The missing thing for us was belief by the players in the game plan and each other. However this absolute belief really only kicked in late in the season but was in full effect in the finals. We dominated each of the other top 4 teams.

I will be looking for evidence early on that we have maintained this belief level.

No reason we cannot have a sustained run in the top 4 over many years if we play consistently at that level.


I also don’t buy into the charmed run with injuries we supposedly ran with to win the flag. Sure our big guns played most games with Jack missing a couple, but Martin, Rance, Cotchin et al don’t miss as they are all durable now.

Yes other teams will go to school on us but I think we’ll still be top 4


Yes the other teams will put even more work on us. The best way to combat that is still simply playing committed football. That is all players on the same page and all completing their roles.


I heard a comment from one of our Premiership players after the GF which gives me confidence for 2018 and beyond. Unfortunately, I can’t remember who uttered it, but it went along the lines of ‘we knew our defensive game could take away their offensive strength, but we also knew they could never take away our pressure game’. In my mind, this attitude can set us up for sustained success and is something that will be difficult to counter.


A mate who is furious we won said to me that other teams will work us out now and we will slide dramatically, I said how to you figure out how to stop pressure ?? The other team is one with the ball and we pressure the shit out of them to get it, how do you stop that ? Only way we stop if is the hunger drops.


I agree. Have been slowly making my way through our season’s games … with the occasional lapse to watch one of the finals… but it’s been an eyeopener just how the team changed line up wise during the year.