Supercoach 2018


It’s open again! Once again, here’s your chance to show that you can find the superstars of the competition, or at least the ones who rack up stats! Hopefully last years competitors get invites through the SC page, if not there is a 10 team comp same as last season, YandB 2017code 247677 and another 18 game league YellowandBlack2017 code 982976. I don’t think I can change the names yet.

Get your teams in!


Thanks Jools, I’m entered.


I’ll be in saw the invite will join tomorrow although I know I’m no threat


Hm punctuation


Hi Jools, got your invite…I’m in, only got an invite to one, but have registered for both … We should limit members to Y&B members if possible… a couple missed out last year cos they were ‘slower than Whale Roberts at the 25 min mark if the last quarter’ … looking at you @believe … I think we had one blow-in… Good luck Jools … 2017 Gun… …


Thanks for the invite Jools. I have joined both competitions as well.


Ta for the invite, O Reigning Champion, i’m in the rejects one and i’ve crashed the elite one too [despite your sneaky efforts to keep me out by not inviting me thru sc site]…

i’m sure you are looking at me @Lazza- trying to copy paste my team like u did last year you sly wench.


Vossy’s in but just holding up the numbers I suspect


I have a new outfit this year :heart_eyes: … coming soon … once I work out how to use this site … (have to use my laptop - not everything works on iPhone or Air Pad)


I have re joined.

Time to take the next step to fantasy world domination


Have to be quick! I just sent the invites through SC, so blame them!


oh i do, every week :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I was trawling through some SuperCoach sites and came across Chris88 … he is active, just not here.


Reminder about Supercoach - the 10 team comp is full but there is room in the 18 team comp. Details in the first post.


I’m in the 18 team comp Jools. Tiger of Old63. Bring it on.


I think I’m going to have the worst SC start in history … can’t believe some of the scores and injuries… will carry Danger thru the first round or two now … finishing at the top impossible now …


Whatcha talking about Willis?

I am on fire here. Mitchell as captain certainly helps


Had Mitchell as captain also. No Danger for me atm, I’m going to wait and see when he gets back.


i planned a bit over the summer, had a decent looking team, nice byes setup blah blah… then on thursday with full awareness of the golden rule- never make a change just before the start of a game, and the platinum rule- never make a pick based on team loyalty, i expertly swapped sicily for caddy, and mcgrath out for flossy. :stuck_out_tongue:

but gee you’d be spewing if you had merret, rocky, zorko, kreuzer, ryder etc so i’m counting my blessings.

well done you guys with mitchell C, i took dusty’s score, very bold move to chase higher than 139!


I tossed up doing the Captain loophole thing but left it. It’s not all good, I originally had a Giants player as a ruck who ended up as an emergency so I decided to go for someone who was selected. I ended up with a choice between Cox and Lycett and it looks like I went for the spud.