The Judd trade revisited


Just finished trawling through 50,000 odd unread posts.

The most surprising item was the thread on us potentially getting Judd way back in the 2007 trade period.

Suggestions we would need to give up picks 2 and 18.

We selected Cotchin and Rance with those picks.

Thankfully Judd completely ignored.


I wonder how serious we were? Reckon that Carlton had to pay more because of our interest.


Testing my memory, but I seem to recall Judd only entertained the Saints and the Dees as alternative options, more so as decoys I suspect.


The 2 and 18 was our discussion.

From what l recall @#%&ton, @#%&wood, Essendon and Melbourne (being the club he supported as a kid or so l recall) were the only clubs considered seriously by Judd. Thinking he may have toured our facilities but he was seriously underwhelmed by what we had to offer.

Judd won them the final against us but that is about it as far as final success goes for the scum bag club.


I was responding to Jool’s question. The point being that Judd wasn’t serious about the Tigers, so whether we were serious and considered trading anything is a moot point. It was never going to happen. So we can be “thankful” for nothing.

Probably good that he didn’t land at the Pies … they would likely have won 2 in a row and Malthouse would have stayed a little longer and not had the chance to totally screw up Carlscum. But I digress…


Well l am thankful Judd chose to ignore us.


We’d have three flags now if the Juddman had joined us.


Which years? Assuming Cotchin and Rance weren’t with us and probably Riewoldt given Carlscum had to give up Josh Kennedy on top of their first 2 picks. JK was pick #4 in his year.


Good point @Lazza we would have sold what farm we had.

Cotchin’s a Brownlow medallist

Rance 4 time All Australian and this years AA Captain

Riewoldt a 2 time Coleman medal winner and also an AA

All 3 are premiership players I like that they are all playing for us


Personally would not change anything, any decision good or bad over the previous 37 years as l still that winners glow.

Right now watching the last quarter against Geelong. Martin a beast and the rest running all over the Cats. Loving it.

Bruce just said that he thought Adelaide were the premiership favourites after the night before but now he was not so sure. Loving it


I recall we were told to butt out publically by the AFL , the AFL were strong and open in public for their desire to have a strong Carlton in the comp.

Judd was a game changing player and did “paper over” more than a few flaws with the Carlton list

He would have done similar with us the money being sent Judd’s way wouldn’t have helped their culture the Carlton hierarchy in ditching their coach , Ratten, and going for Malthouse didn’t help their culture Gibbs and Murphy , very talented , but the culture of “oh just let Judd do it” did hurt the club and the individuals

It looks like Gold Coast might have suffered a little of the same with GAblett , huge talent , but the money taints everything

so fair chance Judd would have had a similar impact on us

contrast a Judd or GAblett coming to a club on huge money to Dusty he is home grown , players forged their relationships with him before the fame & wealth plus not often mentioned , Dusty does a lot to bring players into the game

so many of his long accurate passes reward guys for gut running and sticking to game plans and he could of easily blazed away , as a result I could see the playing list loving having Dusty and the big pay packet wont taint that as they will recognize he is a once in a lifetime player

it would be nice to see Dimetriou and others after the Tiger Army swept all before it last year , yep a strong Carlton is best for the comp … get that one up ya :slight_smile:


Carlton certainly get the rub of the green at AFL level…wonder why that is looking at the AFL board.

As well as the Judd/Visy deal that was apparently kosher, Carton were one of the first teams in the AFLW. Oh, and their gifted Friday night prime time status games this year after a dismal season last year makes the Andrews Govt/CFMEU relationship seem above board.


Yep , and the beauty of it is that they cheated to get pick #1 in that draft by engineering the most ridiculously rigged game of footy ever.

The AFL’s Lack of Integrity Unit turned a blind eye of course , but the fact that all betting was suspended on that game says it all.

I have no doubt we would’ve given up our first 2 picks for Judd , and if you believe Greg Miller then our offer was no ruse.

He’s on record as saying that our offer to Judd ( minus the cheating Visy cash ) was better than Carlton’s.

And the gift keeps giving…

Their blatant cheating handed us The Mighty Cotch , while the player they selected with their ill-gotten pick hasn’t been able to get on the park for the majority of his career.


The clearly illegal Visy cash deal which handed them Judd on platter , possibly saved us from making a decision which would have ensured we missed out on drafting the greatest defender in VFL/AFL history.


Josh Kennedy has kicked over 500 goals.

The icing on the cake would’ve been for us to on-trade to Carlton , free of charge , the bloke we took with our priority pick #19 in that draft.


I am hesitant to agree to your last sentence @Black

McMahon kicked that goal after the siren for us to beat Melbourne and thus all but gave them the 1st and 2nd picks in the 2009 draft.

Now we all know who we got at pick 3 but back then our recruitment was not strong, so l have no confidence that we would have selected Martin if we had pick 1


Agree with all that you say ceehook.

Not to put a dampener on this discussion…Now we apply this logic and hindsight to the Tiges possibly chasing Tom Lynch. Our culture is now established and the admin is strong. I would assume we are better placed if Lynch comes in on big dollars?


Haha ! You are correct sir. Forgot about that.

And we absolutely would not have taken Dusty if we’d had pick one or two.

Scully and Trengove were pretty much a lock to go 1 and 2 for the whole back half of the season.

We did a Bradbury and won the lottery.

We dodged a bullet twice with Trengove lol.


Just found this thread again.

AFL is a sport where a Judd or Ablett can not drastically change the win/loss record of a team. 18 on the field. NBA it can work somewhat, but they balance that with an 82 game regular season. NFL, a QB can make a huge difference because they have the ball every single offensive play. But AFL teams have to be strong across a number of positions.

It’s also why Dangerfield in the Cats midfield didn’t deliver a flag last year, and hopefully why they’ll fail again this year. Dusty was amazing in 2017 obviously, but we had the game’s Best defender and defensive group (or was it second?), we had a 50 goal key forward, our Captain was a beast, plus we had three shiny new recruits that complemented it all nicely by year’s end.