Tigers looked 'like a bunch of schoolboys': Hardwick


http://s.afl.com.au/staticfile/AFL Tenant/Media/Images/444025-tlssmallthumbnail.jpg Richmond was made to look like a “bunch of schoolboys” according to coach Damien Hardwick, as his side succumbed to a hungry North Melbourne at Blundstone Arena on Friday night.

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So now Hardwick is rating tackle counts. Then why does the side he coaches always lose the tackle count.

Time for Hardwick to go has arrived.


yeah - it’s a pretty complicated game

Essendone smashed us with their level of intensity last week and we make no changes - because we accept mediocrity

get out of this club - before you totally destroy it with your acceptance of rubbish standards. Carlton has a rubbish list compared to ours and would smash us if we played them next week - 100% due to the fact that they actually want to win…


instead we get up in public and guarantee players games even though they have been playing rubbish football - the fact that vickery and b ellis are still playing in the firsts is exactly why dimma will lose his job

Ellis is only interested in number of disposals not quality of disposals - he has lost any will to get a hard ball. he should have been dropped 4 weeks ago minimum - have been calling for it every week after the swans game but because we have been winning Dimma forgets that poor play is poor play and there should be consequences.

3 players should have been dropped after the essendon game because of lack of effort and intensity - instead its no changes. This is how we breed and fester as mediocre players. its a cancer.

cotchin must demand more from his players on the field instead of trying to do it all himself - there is n I in team skipper !!!

vickery - well - ty reminds me of a statue. he waits for the contest to come to him and is only seen with the ball when it comes to him. a lazier AFL footballer you will not see - but guess what. guaranteed a game next week though.


Watch this space. They’ll beat the Suns next week and it will be all smiles again by Hardwick etc. Reality is the current management, coach and list are bottom 4.


So the current list and management that won 15 games last year, is now bottom 4, even though they’re not bottom four?


I get where you are coming from @Vines, but look at Freo. Minor premiers last year, splinter gatherers this year. RLyons has oft been criticized about his lack of development and playing younger kids. I woul say that pretty much sums up the reversal.

I think the same can be said of us. Too heavy reliance on recycled players Who are on the cusp of their use-by dates.

So yeah, I think there is some eorum culpa in the current state, as well as a distinct odour of no accountability. If we have team changes next week with players currently lacking in intensity being dropped and we lose, I would be still happy.

Short term pain for longer term gain


Yep and I agree with all that. What I don’t agree with is the ground zero, woe is me because I’m a Richmond fan melodrama.


I believe that while there are weaknesses to our list that the real issue is that currently the coaching group is not able to consistently get the players we have playing at their best or even as a team.

Also, it appears to me that our system of play is flawed and being exploited by well drilled opposition.


So it isn’t Vickery’s fault???


The consistency of his output is of course not where I feel it could be. Is it a simple matter of attitude and application as others have indicated? I don’t feel it is as simple as that. I think that he could work smarter as well as a little harder, but I also feel that blaming the forward line when the midfield struggle to kick to our advantage is short sighted.

We need to fix our skills and method of play quickly because the current situation is sapping the team of confidence and belief.


But why can’t Hardwick get the players to play how he wants them to?

Is what he is asking too hard for the players to comprehend?

Are the players that dumb they cannot comprehend what is required? Or are they just a bunch of “look at me l am an AFL player, is my hair all in place” prima donnas?

Just watched a bit of the womens SA v NSW match. Skill level is low but what stood out was the level of effort the players were putting in. Pressure and tackling.

No matter which answer to the above questions is the correct one there is nothing stopping our players from putting in effort.

Sadly too many on Friday night could not or more likely would not put in the required effort.

And that is what is annoying me the most. Lack of effort.

Something needs to change.



I don’t know why the players either won’t or can’t execute whatever it is that the coach wants them to. I don’t know what it is they are trying do. For all i know they are implementing it and the result is what we see.

I do know that we are continually out of position and out worked regularly.

If they are trying to implement the plan then the plan is flawed and sapping the players of confidence, joy and instinct.

If they aren’t even trying to implement the plan then that’s bad news for the club because it means they don’t believe in it.

We tackle and chase as an afterthought, opposition do it to us as plan A.


Holly smoke Batman seems l was right :grin: