Welcome to the new Yellow and Black Online


Originally published at: https://yellowandblack.online/welcome-to-the-new-yellow-and-black-online/
It is with much pride that release this latest version of Yellow and Black. From today, I’ve re-branded the site as “Yellow and Black Online” to reflect this sites connectivity between the Community software and Social Media.

Yellow and Black Online is now represented on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To reflect this connectivity, you can now login using your Facebook or Twitter account which will make the site more accessible to users.

I’m particularly happy with the new forum software, Discourse. It’s been a steep learning curve for me to familiarise myself with the settings and back-end functions however, the user (or ‘front-end’ experience) makes it one of the easiest forum software to use. Make sure that you call on DIscobot to help you to uncover the many features that the forum software can offer.

Yellow and Black exists so that everyone who follows the Richmond Football Club who compete in the Australian Football League (AFL) can keep up to date with what’s happening around our Club. All Members may contribute their opinions by posting in the Forums, Voting in Polls and much more.

Another feature of the forum software is that it allows the site to largely become self-regulating whereby frequent users of the website have the ability to assist in its moderation. Have a read of the FAQ for the full details. There will obviously still be a need for Assistant Coaches, but their duties will be reduced by giving these regular users (Trust Level 4) the ability to assist in the running of the website. Interesting times ahead, eh? :)

I will shortly call for interested members to register their interest in publishing articles on the website. Those of you who are interested will be provided with a login to Wordpress where you will need to link to your forum account. Once you’ve done that, you can apply your Google Adsense code and earn money on your articles if you wish to! I’ve already received an expression of interest from one member who I will be in contact with shortly once I sort out the inevitable issues that will arise on the site.

So for now, familiarise yourself with the new software, ask Discobot for assistance and learn how to use the software. If you encounter any issues, please post them in the Site Feedback category where I can keep track of the issues. Bear in mind that issues affecting your ability to use the site will take precedence over issues with colour and avatars.

One last thing which you may recall from one of my last posts on the old site is that everyone starts off at Trust Level 1. You will need to earn promotion to Trust Level 2 and then Trust Level 3 and 4. It will take a minimum of 15 days to reach Trust Level 3, so be patient :slight_smile:

I hope that you enjoy the new Yellow and Black Online!


Just finished a trip down memory lane, getting my unread down from 2777! All the way back to 2008, so many birthdays, deaths, player tribulations, posters who have since disappeared, coaches, whipping boys, Tony the tiger, meet ups you name it. Lots of pain and laughs along the way.


I’ll post some “how to’s” shortly…like how to get your signature to display :slight_smile:

Make sure that you go to your profile and update your Month and Date of birth. This info wasn’t transferred! Once people start to do this, you’ll be able to see birthdays by visiting the CakeDay link: https://community.yellowandblack.online/cakeday/anniversaries/today. It defaults to site Anniversaries, so you just need to click on the Birthdays tab.


I hope there is an easy way to view new items so we don’t have to go through all of the past - The Horror!!


There sure is. Unread topics only covers the past 48 hours, so it’ll settle down soon.


I’ve just had a look at the site stats and you’re credited with viewing 2,900+ topics!



It’s good to see that many of you have uploaded your avatar - makes it easier to identify who you are :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to update your Month and Date of birth (no years are recorded) so that you your birthday can be celebrated.

One last note to those of you who are trying to do a password reset but who has an outlook.com or hotmail.com e-mail address. Please be aware that these e-mail domains are rejecting the e-mail being sent from this site. I am monitoring the error log and have e-mailed everyone who is affected to let them know the situation. Once I’m provided with a different e-mail address, I can change it in the system and send you an activation e-mail which will then allow you to access the website.


I see that you are animated again @mstantie :+1:


I had some trouble getting on but found that my previous password was too short for this site.


[quote=“Jools, post:9, topic:20260, full:true”] I had some trouble getting on but found that my previous password was too short for this site [/qu] Good to see that you made it :slight_smile:

I reduced the password length requirement to 8 from 15




My password wasn’t even 8 before :grin:


I think that is where some people have have experienced issues on logging into the site. Most people will need to do a password reset but if they had a @hotmail.com or outlook.com e-mail address, those servers reject the e-mail that is being sent. The only solution is for me to change their e-mail address and then take it from there.


I can’t log in on my phone. I logged off here to see if that was the issue, but that didn’t work either. I tried the Log into the community link rather than the Log In but I got a blank page. Actually it’s telling me I have an invalid username.


You have to login on community.yellowandblack.online, not on the Wordpress site.

This could explain a few things :frowning_face:

I’ve removed the “Login” link from the Wordpress site and put a notice to login to the community site (here).

Sorry for the confusion everyone!


Got it! Took a bit of searching but I’m in now.

See, I’m good at finding problems, being an internet numpty :grin:


I see Ned has taken the reverse GF colours to heart :wink:… takes a bit of getting used to… A few issues with iPhone use I’ll have to post … Didn’t realise I was up for pre-season training… a bit to learn…


I’ve just completed some forms and signed an agreement with Microsoft that I hope will lead to hotmail.com and outlook.com e-mail addresses not blocking e-mail from this site.

This will allow members who use those e-mail domains to reset their passwords and join in again.


All seems user friendly to me on my phone. Took some PMs to Ned but all sorted. Thanks Ned.