Welcome to the new Yellow and Black Online


I noticed it after a software upgrade last night. Haven’t had a chance to work on a solution yet.


Fixed now :slight_smile:


Hey Ned, sorry to be a pest, and I’m sure this has been covered…but…

The site looks really difficult to get around on to me. I was thinking maybe it’s just a whole different look, and I just need to suck it up. But I really can’t get the vibe of this version.

Is there something I’m meant to have done to have, lifted the veil, so to speak?


The blog site may be down at some stage today while I’m installing the SSL certificate. This will allow the site to comply with current standards.

This will have no effect on the community site (here).


All sorted now.

My next project is to create a single sign-on between the blog and the community.


I’ve had a few issues configuring SSO (single sign on) with the blog site. Instructions indicate that it’s easy - I haven’t found it so :frowning:

At present, it is working to a point…at least you can login without the site getting into a loop. I’ll leave it like that for now and revisit it tomorrow.


Sorry for the interruptions to the site tonight. I was installing some plugins. The final part of installation is to reboot the server.


I think that hotmail.com, outlook.com, and live.com e-mail addresses are now accepting mail again. I got the e-mail distribution service to change the IP address of the mail server and have noticed that mail has noe been getting through to those domains.

I’ll run a few more tests and then send them an e-mail to let them know.