Who should coach us in 2018?


A poll…


Think the maths is a bit out there - particularly if there is any percentage in favour of Dim.


I voted for Hardwick if we win a final otherwise if we fail to win at least 1 final this year then we go through the process for best available to take over.

If we win 1 this year, we’d have to better that again to stay on after 2018.


And Ling is pox. Has he had any experience at all in coaching?

If nothing else it’d be worth bringing him in as an assistant just so he never calls another game live on TV again :rolleyes:


Caracella with CLing as an apprentice.

Win! Ms Tantie. xox


Ling is the most irritating ■■■■ on tv, we all know most ex players are a little biased but he is horrendous in his favourtism for the cats and just listening to him drive me nuts


I like Ling, TV and radio. He works well with Richo.

Hardwick is the man, unless we have another Saints style capitulation. Which if it happens, will happen in a final.


Hardwick has done enough to coach out the season at least, whether he stays or not depends on our September.


Ling understands the current game - Hardwick has a working knowledge of Clarkos 2007 template - there is no contest.




If you want to wait until we see if Hardwick wins a final we will be leaving it far too late to secure the best coach this year.

If @#%&wood parts with Buckley they will do so at around the end of this month and will be looking at a new coach 6 weeks before we even play a final. If Caracella is the man they may have signed him up before hand.

However if we have already marked a change and one of the assistants are to step up then no problem.

Hardwick will most likely coach into 2018.


Buckley and the players have all been told he will be there for the rest of this season. Could be the death knell but I don’t think so. He’s Eddies favourite son.


Buckley is 100% gone even Eddie wont be able to save him. If they for some bizarre reason signed him again for 2 years imagine that club supporters turn on him and Eddie if this time next year they are in same boat.


I don’t think Buckley will be there next year either. Only for the rest of this season.


Is this the new joke thread ,anybody would be thinking we where bottom 4.

Maybe people should notice the player’s play the game:cool:


My vote just catapulted The Big Fella into 2nd favorite for the job.

Go you good thing !


I voted for Damien, or Dimma as I call him.


Just trawling through a few “TOP” threads (via the Menu) - came across this one … I’m surprised I hadn’t posted something here … would have if it was 2016 I expect … strange looking at it now - strange how things change/transpire too…